Aweber Data Extraction Utility

This simple program allows you to extract data from the hierarchical file structure resulting from the Aweber backup process.

To download the Aweber list data utility, Right-Click Here and choose "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..."


When you download the export file from Aweber and unzip it, you'll have a folder with a name similar to "yourlogin_2007_06_01".

It's important that the "extract_aweber_leads.exe" file be placed in this main Aweber data folder, on the same level with all of the folders which consist of your list names. Copy "extract_aweber_leads.exe" to that folder and click (or double click) that file to execute the program.

This program will then extract all of the data from all of your lists, and will create three new files, "active_leads.csv", "inactive_leads.csv", and "all_aweber_data.csv" (which contains both active and inactive leads).

If you choose the option of only extracting the email addresses, then the software will remove duplicates -- so you won't have more than one instance of the same email address, even if that lead has subscribed to several of your lists.

Enjoy! :-)

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