Let's SQUASH All Those Technical Problems That Stalk You Day After Day!

Keap, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Server setup,
Custom API Integrations, and More!

From the desk of Paul Galloway

Okay, fess up . . .

How much time do you spend every month wrestling with aggravating technical issues?

And how often do you squash one problem, just to have another one pop up?

The reality of your internet business is that you can NEVER get away from technical issues.

There's always something else you want done . . . more in-depth tracking or traffic analysis, eCommerce scripts, feedback forms, lead generation processes, and on and on.

And don't forget about the occasional SERVER MOVE -- aren't those fun!

Imagine the relief you'd feel if you didn't have to deal with it anymore!

I am offering you that relief . . .

You can "offload" this technical work -- I will do it for you so YOU can focus on creative and strategic ways to build your business!

I specialize in Infusionsoft and Ontraport setup and integration (including API integration), but I can also help with so many other things, including:

  • Server setup and security
  • DNS
  • Email deliverability (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
  • cPanel
  • Wordpress
  • Email setup (Aweber, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, etc)
  • And SO much more!
But before I give you my proposal, it's important for you to know who I am and why I'm uniquely qualified to assist you with your technical challenges.


Who IS Paul Galloway?

In 1998 I developed one of the first affiliate program software packages for small business owners, "Your Own Affiliate Program".

Shortly after that I quit my job as an electrical engineer at Motorola to work as the sole in-house internet programmer for a ADNet International, a leading internet advertising agency. While there, I developed a number of applications in the following areas:

  • affiliate programs
  • lead generation
  • tracking
  • advertising
  • visitor profiling
  • back office applications

I created one of the earliest integrated eCommerce systems for digital products, and because it was one of the first systems of its kind, I have been able to work closely with many high-profile internet marketers, some pulling in 6 and 7 figures each month. These clients regularly confer with me on technical issues related to their various promotions.

I have authored three books: "Selling on the Web", "Online Business Resources" and "The Little Black Book of Online Business", all of which have been published and sold in national bookstore chains.


Put My Experience to Work for YOU

About a month after one of my retainer clients hired me, he was in a meeting with his staff and one of them remarked, "It's like all those technical issues just went away!" -- THIS is what I can do for you!

You should be focusing on your business STRATEGY and PROMOTION -- NOT the technical issues!

You now have a small window of opportunity to put my technical skills and knowledge to work building YOUR business -- and at a discount.

You see, I rarely accept "one off" project work these days. But when I do, my rate is $200 - $300 per hour. And my minimum consultation rate is $500.

But if you will commit to working with me on a regular basis, I'm happy to give you a break.

If you put me on a monthly retainer I'll give you unlimited consulation by phone or email -- for the entire month -- for just $500. And for any implementation work I'll slash your rate to just $125/hour.

With this arrangement, you'll get the same high-level access to me when and if you need me, but you won't be locked into more hours than you need. And when you do need me to set something up, you get a nice discount.

If you really put me to work (20 hours/month or more of implementation), I'll cut your rate to $100/hour -- which is a 50% discount over my normal rate!

Not only will you get a greatly reduced hourly rate, you'll also be at the top of my "priority" list -- so when you have an emergency, immediate help will be just a phone call away -- no waiting days for a response from a "Ticket System", you get same day (typically IMMEDIATE) help when you need it most.

I have extensive experience with Keap and OntraPort, Wordpress, various mail systems (Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, MaroPost, SendGrid, BlueHornet, ARP Reach, and more), and I can build custom scripts to integrate multiple systems with each other.

I can also help you with your server management (cPanel/Plesk/etc.), security, backups, database creation, Wordpress installation and configuration, DNS settings, SPF/DKIM settings, and so on. Here's a partial list of the technologies and platforms I have experience with:

API Programming EmailDelivered Interspire Shopify
ActiveCampaign Enom JotForm Slack
Amazon S3 Everwebinar Klaviyo SlickText
Apache ExactTarget Linux Spiffy
Aweber FTP Mailchimp SurveyMonkey
Basecamp FixYourFunnel MaroPost Systems Integration
Calendly GetResponse Memberium Textiful
Circle.so GoDaddy MySQL Trello
ClickFunnels Go High Level Ontraport Vimeo
ClickUp Google Analytics Parsey WebHooks
Cloudflare Google Tag Manager PipeDrive WebinarJam
cPanel Google Workspace Administration Plesk Wishlist Member
DKIM GotoWebinar PlusThis Wistia
DMARC HubSpot SPF Wordpress
DNS iContact SSH Zapier
EasyWebinar iMember360 ScheduleOnce Zoom
Email Deliverability Keap SendGrid

And don't forget, I bring a significant amount of "real world knowledge" to the table -- an important resource for you to tap into whenever you want to explore new ways of promoting your internet presence.


Only SIX TWO People Can Get In . . .

If you're at all interested in this, you need to take action now.

Here's why . . .

Obviously, there's a limit to the number of hours I can work in a month -- everyone who takes me up on this offer reduces the number of hours I have available for anyone else.

I can only offer this opportunity to six people.

NOTE: FOUR people have already reserved their time, leaving room for just two more.

Don't mistake this for one of those "create urgency by manufacturing scarcity" sales gimmicks . . . there is a REAL limit on my time -- and thus a REAL scarcity for this offer.

I'm offering you blocks of MY TIME at a greatly reduced price, and nothing's more scarce than time . . .

If you're ready to finally be rid of all the miserable little technical problems, or to discuss any questions about my services, please call me at 316-540-3434 or email me at

Paul Galloway

P.S. Here's what a few of my clients have said about me and the services I provide:


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful work during the Stompernet launch. Working on an 8 figure launch was stressful at times, and you were a rock that we could depend on.

Between your expertise, immediate response to important issues, and pleasantness, you were the best outsource person that I depended on, most certainly.


David Mills
Former Stompernet Project Manager,
Launch Consultant

"It's no secret I'm a technical dunce. But that doesn't mean I'm a dummy when selecting someone to handle all the "messy" technical stuff I don't want to do (or can't do) online.

When it comes to internet marketing technology, Paul Galloway has been my "go-to guy" since 2001. He takes care of the technical "black magic" so I can concentrate on what I do best -- promoting my business!

Paul has my absolute highest recommendation on any technical 'stuff' you need to do online. He's smart, fast, honest, creative and reliable. I think that's a perfect (and rare) combination."

-Yanik Silver

"When I went to Paul I had three extremely complex, but totally vital, systems to integrate. No one else said it could be done. Paul didn't flinch and took care of it in record time. Amazing."
Mark Joyner
#1 Best-Selling Author of "The Great Formula"
Founder of Simpleology.com

"I have been doing business online for nearly 10 years. About 5 years ago I made what was one of my best business decisions I have ever made - I hired Paul Galloway to install and provide tech support for my integrated shopping cart.

Paul's work is flawless, his communication is fantastic, and his responsiveness is simply unbelievable (you have to experience it to believe it).

On more than one occasion Paul has "rescued" me when I contacted him at the VERY last second on a project. Basically, I was a being totally unreasonable customer asking for some help on a ridiculous timeline - and Paul came through with flying colors.

The bottom line is that Paul is a pleasure to work with in every sense of the word."

Jeff Walker

"In three years, Paul has always been there when called upon. In addition to his skills and experience, he always brings a rational calmness and authority to any technical issue: it doesn't matter if the sky seems to be falling in or it's just a stubborn nagging problem, he will always diligently work through the problem till it's satisfactorily fixed.

In this business environment, years of hard work can disappear down the toilet in a heartbeat as a result of unresolved technical issues. You will never regret having someone with Paul's qualities on your team. One day it may save your business."

Geoff Morris

"We have been working with Paul Galloway for the past 7 years. Over that time, through the use of his scripts, programming, and technical savvy, we have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, and have built a highly profitable and fully automated business.

Paul's experience is vast and his understanding of marketing is first rate. We anticipate using him for our technical needs for a long time!"

Jonathan Mizel

"Paul set up SynergyX for us on HypnosisDownloads.com several years ago.

Since then I've had several programmers working on the site, and Paul has stood out for three reasons:

1) He thinks ahead when planning a project and always picks up potential problems and opportunities that others miss

2) He has obvious marketing know-how and when delivering a project always has an eye on user experience that helps us maintain good conversion rates

3) His communication is top-notch, both clear and comprehensive (even if I don't always read it perfectly ;-)

Working with Paul is always a pleasant experience - having him on our side makes me feel like we have an edge on the competition. I only hesitate to recommend Paul because I really don't want him to get too busy for me!"

Roger Elliott
Managing Director
Uncommon Knowledge Ltd

"Working with Paul has been such a professional milestone for me as he works with the best in the business. Achieving what I needed to with my consulting business and website was a breeze with Paul's insight, expertise, and fast turn around. I suggest his services to anyone who wants to get ahead and enjoy the process by working with great people."

Jennifer Nicole Lee



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