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From the desk of Paul Galloway

I'm not sure why you're here . . . I don't advertise this site at all -- 95% of my new consulting and deployment clients are referred by current clients.

My guess is you have seen my "" email address or have heard my name mentioned, and you want to know something about who this "Paul Galloway" fellow is.

Possibly you want to see if I can offer a solution to a challenge you're facing, and perhaps I CAN help -- if your challenge is a good fit to my knowledge and experience.

While I have the ability to do just about anything related to the web, and have done most of it in the past, my specialty is in getting various unrelated systems working together, and I choose to spend most of my time doing this kind of work.

Looking at it from another perspective, it wouldn't make sense for you to pay my rates for things you can get others to do for much less.

I have 10 years of experience in affiliate tracking systems, and that's what I focus on.

Specifically, I help make your "product launch" campaigns as accurate as possible for your affiliates.

For instance, for several recent high-profile product launches, I've added an enhanced PHP/MySQL "front-end" to's affiliate tracking process, and integrated that with 3rd party email services. (This was done in order to hard-code affiliate links in the followup messages and to obtain the highest possible deliverability.)

Another example is what I did for Mark Joyner's "Simpleology" site. For his site, I tightly integrated the following:

    Synergyx Affiliate System
    Lyris Email Server
    aMember Membership Software
    TAFPro Viral Marketing Software

And here are a few of the product launches I've been involved with:

    StomperNet (over $10 Million in a single day!)
    PipeLine Profits
    Affiliate XRay
    Mass Control Marketing (Frank Kern)
    Underground Online Seminar
    Public Domain Goldmine
    Information Marketing Players Workshop
    Product Launch Formula
    Mind Movies

My level of involvement in your launch is totally up to you.

Level 1: On Your Team

If you want to hire me as a technical resource on your launch team, you can do that for 3% of the first 30 days gross receipts, with a minimum of $5000 paid in advance. (If your product is paid for in installments, the percentage is applied to the total amount paid. But not to any continuous membership component . . .)

With this option, I am part of your team and will implement the affiliate tracking mechanisms, help with server setup tasks, help you integrate various systems (similar to what I did for Mark Joyner, as discussed above) and so on.

(Note: This generally does NOT include web page design work -- you will still need your own webmaster and/or web designer.)

If you hire me as a technical resource and need an eCommerce solution for your launch, you can use my Synergyx affiliate tracking and order processing software at no extra cost.

Level 2: Pick My Brain

If you just want to "pick my brain" and have your own team handle all of the implementation, you can get 6 hours of phone consultation during the course of your pre-launch and launch cycle for a flat $2495.

This should be sufficient time for me to consult with your technical team regarding server setup, pre-launch tracking systems, and launch day affiliate tracking.

If you're saying to yourself, "$2495 for 6 hours?!", then you should really consider what's at stake. This represents just a few extra sales of a medium to high priced product. If you are really planning on a BIG launch, then my consultation will easily PAY you in terms of avoiding lost sales.

Whether you're doing a launch or not, I can also help you with:

    Web Site Design
    Application Development
    Server Setup and Maintenance
    Search Engine Optimization
    3rd Party Shopping Cart Setup
    3rd Party Script Installations

Ready to talk?

Then call me at 316-540-3434
or email
paulg [AT]

Here's what a few of my clients have said about me and the services I provide:


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful work during the Stompernet launch. Working on an 8 figure launch was stressful at times, and you were a rock that we could depend on.

Between your expertise, immediate response to important issues, and pleasantness, you were the best outsource person that I depended on, most certainly.


David Mills
Former Stompernet Project Manager,
Launch Consultant

"It's no secret I'm a technical dunce. But that doesn't mean I'm a dummy when selecting someone to handle all the "messy" technical stuff I don't want to do (or can't do) online.

When it comes to internet marketing technology, Paul Galloway has been my "go-to guy" since 2001. He takes care of the technical "black magic" so I can concentrate on what I do best -- promoting my business!

Paul has my absolute highest recommendation on any technical 'stuff' you need to do online. He's smart, fast, honest, creative and reliable. I think that's a perfect (and rare) combination."

-Yanik Silver

"When I went to Paul I had three extremely complex, but totally vital, systems to integrate. No one else said it could be done. Paul didn't flinch and took care of it in record time. Amazing."
Mark Joyner
#1 Best-Selling Author of "The Great Formula"
Founder of

"I have been doing business online for nearly 10 years. About 5 years ago I made what was one of my best business decisions I have ever made - I hired Paul Galloway to install and provide tech support for my integrated shopping cart.

Paul's work is flawless, his communication is fantastic, and his responsiveness is simply unbelievable (you have to experience it to believe it).

On more than one occasion Paul has "rescued" me when I contacted him at the VERY last second on a project. Basically, I was a being totally unreasonable customer asking for some help on a ridiculous timeline - and Paul came through with flying colors.

The bottom line is that Paul is a pleasure to work with in every sense of the word."

Jeff Walker

"In three years, Paul has always been there when called upon. In addition to his skills and experience, he always brings a rational calmness and authority to any technical issue: it doesn't matter if the sky seems to be falling in or it's just a stubborn nagging problem, he will always diligently work through the problem till it's satisfactorily fixed.

In this business environment, years of hard work can disappear down the toilet in a heartbeat as a result of unresolved technical issues. You will never regret having someone with Paul's qualities on your team. One day it may save your business."

Geoff Morris

"We have been working with Paul Galloway for the past 7 years. Over that time, through the use of his scripts, programming, and technical savvy, we have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, and have built a highly profitable and fully automated business.

Paul's experience is vast and his understanding of marketing is first rate. We anticipate using him for our technical needs for a long time!"

Jonathan Mizel

"Paul set up SynergyX for us on several years ago.

Since then I've had several programmers working on the site, and Paul has stood out for three reasons:

1) He thinks ahead when planning a project and always picks up potential problems and opportunities that others miss

2) He has obvious marketing know-how and when delivering a project always has an eye on user experience that helps us maintain good conversion rates

3) His communication is top-notch, both clear and comprehensive (even if I don't always read it perfectly ;-)

Working with Paul is always a pleasant experience - having him on our side makes me feel like we have an edge on the competition. I only hesitate to recommend Paul because I really don't want him to get too busy for me!"

Roger Elliott
Managing Director
Uncommon Knowledge Ltd

"Working with Paul has been such a professional milestone for me as he works with the best in the business. Achieving what I needed to with my consulting business and website was a breeze with Paul's insight, expertise, and fast turn around. I suggest his services to anyone who wants to get ahead and enjoy the process by working with great people."

Jennifer Nicole Lee

After reading this page, you may decide all you need is some of the "off the shelf" software I have developed for internet marketers. You may want to check out these links:

"Your Own Affiliate Program" ("YOAP")

    This is the first affiliate tracking program I created almost 10 years ago (it's been upgraded many times!) and still works great for basic affiliate tracking.

    It also has a "Member Rewards" feature that allows you to use it for a "loyalty program" instead of an affiliate program if you wish.

"Synergyx Integrated eCommerce"

    Synergyx started out as an upgrade to YOAP, but became a totally different product. It combines advanced affiliate functions with a real-time order processing system (including an optional basic cart system) and a time-limited digital product delivery system.

    Sometimes if my product launch client doesn't have their own order processing system in place, I just install Synergyx for their use (no additional charge).

"Tell A Friend Pro" ("TAFPro")

    TAFPro is the "Tell a Friend" word-of-mouth referral software I created when I couldn't find one that did what I wanted.

    Besides being used for "Tell a Friend" forms and referral contests, many of my clients use it for its flexible form-processing capabilities. You can use it for any online form (feedback form, contact form, etc.)

"The Internet Marketer's Little Black Book"

    This isn't software, but is an invaluable resource guide containing links to over 1000 of the best resources for internet marketers.


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